Using light as a sculptural material, LIGHT KEEPER draws from lighthouse lenses and analog projection technology to create waves of rainbow light and a Moon Clock beamed onto the urban porch of Aitken Place Park. Taking its name from the keepers who maintain lighthouses, the installation speaks to light as a medium for sending messages across vast dark spaces, helping vessels find their way, and signalling danger or change ahead. During the day, the artwork stands as a mirrored obelisk, reflecting the surrounding environment of the park space, awaiting the sunset. After dark, this public artwork illuminates, inviting viewers to bask in its glow.


Despite our long-time interest in optics, developing LIGHT KEEPER came with its fair share of complexity. Our lens is based on the beautiful fresnels seen in lighthouses, but its intention is opposite: instead of focusing light and beaming it over a great distance, it divides and refracts light, moving it in rainbow waves across the…