The lenses and optical mechanisms used for LIGHT KEEPER were created in-house by Caitlind Brown, Wayne Garrett, and Studio North. When it comes right down to it, we were always going to have to tune the optics of LIGHT KEEPER onsite in Toronto. The distance from the lens to the concrete, the angle of the moon as it moves, the speed the rainbows cross the concrete, the specific wiring, the final programming – all of this needed to be done onsite at night, carefully tailored to the geometries and environment of the surrounding park.


We met LIGHT KEEPER in Toronto for install, and saw Aitken Place Park (in its finished state) for the first time. After conceptualizing the site for so long, it was fascinating to be there in person. We were excited to get to work. Great Lake Scenic (F&D’s sister company) installed the structure of the artwork,…


Drawing from lighthouse lenses and analog projection technologies, LIGHT KEEPER deconstructs traditional optics to create a moon clock, rainbow waves, and a prism tower in Aitken Place Park.