We met LIGHT KEEPER in Toronto for install, and saw Aitken Place Park (in its finished state) for the first time. After conceptualizing the site for so long, it was fascinating to be there in person. We were excited to get to work.

Installing LIGHT KEEPER in Aitken Place Park

Great Lake Scenic (F&D’s sister company) installed the structure of the artwork, and then we were left to our own devices – literally. We began the process of installing our lenses, mirrors, and mechanisms.

The install team was Matthew Kennedy and Mark Erickson of Studio North (above left), Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett (above right).

Installing the structural components of the artwork was slow and a bit arduous, requiring much fitting and re-fitting.

Despite a few windy days, there was very little snow during install – for which we were grateful.

Our prismatic lens, freshly removed from its crate

When it came time to install the optics, we were all ready for LIGHT KEEPER to come to life. Stay tuned for more.